Mario Kart 8.


Mario Kart 8.


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i am so tired of seeing all of these relatable text posts pasted onto tv show screencaps i need summer to end so some of you dont have the free time to be doing stuff like this anymore


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Why is that girl from Kill La Kill challenging Bro Strider cosplaying a cup of noodles to a game of Duel Monsters while Aoba from DMMD watches nervously and that blond guy from YGO 5D (I think) is plotting in the background.  

Anime conventions.

This is from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. The blue-haired guy is Bruno, and the person who has hair like the KLK protagonist is Yeager (Lazar in English) in a disguise. And I’m pretty sure that’s Crow in the Cup Noodle costume.
And Jack is indeed plotting in the background, as they’re trying to catch Yeager.~

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Anonymous said: Can you tell me about the birds and the bees?


The birds have typically been hit the hardest by power creep, as every gen introduces a bird with better stats and not much is done to keep the older birds relevant, particularly with the introduction of the hard-hitting Talonflame, though Staraptor still sees some use. The bees have pretty much never been that useful, though some have experimented with the Attack Order and Defend Order on Vespiquen to varying degrees of success. 


If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

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9 Problems with Women’s Clothing

And the worst part is that clothing companies do it because they know we’ll still buy their products.  But do we have much other choice?

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